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Some Basic Definitions


What is...?


Chiropractic: The combination of a special philosophy, scientific principles (including biology, physiology, physics and biomechanics) and the art of the Doctor of Chiropractic to skillfully apply that philosophy and those sciences.

Chiropractic Philosophy: The most basic tenet of chiropractic philosophy is that the power that made the body is the only thing that can heal the body. Chiropractors call this creating and healing power "innate" or "innate intelligence," and it is always perfect in quality, quantity and purpose. This innate power is housed in our brains and is expressed through our nervous systems. Outside of congenital abnormalities, the only reason we arenít functioning perfectly is that our innate power is meeting some form of resistance or interference. The most common form of interference occurs in the vertebral column and chiropractors call this type of interference a subluxation.



Subluxation: The spine is made up of 24 moveable bones which house and protect the spinal cord and its nerve roots. These bones are called vertebrae, and can be knocked out of their normal alignment by any number of stressors ó physical, chemical or emotional. When a vertebra loses that normal alignment, it becomes fixated and stops moving to some extent. This lack of normal movement can cause direct or indirect pressure on the nervous system and can alter the electrochemical function of the nerves. Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers that address subluxations, and use adjustments to fix or reduce them.


Adjustment: The Specific Chiropractic Vertebral Adjustment can be delivered in several forms. Most chiropractors use their hands or fingers to deliver the correct amount of force in the most optimal direction in order to accomplish the adjustment and reduce the subluxation. In addition, there are a number of instruments that are used to make adjustments, and some adjustments are accomplished by merely taking skillful advantage of gravity. Regardless of the method, the Specific Chiropractic Vertebral Adjustment is a gentle introduction of energy into the subluxated spine. When artfully applied, it can result in amazing restorations of health and wellbeing.