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Chiropractic v Medicine: What’s the difference?



There is a major paradigm difference between chiropractic and Western medical care. The premise behind Western medical care is called allopathy. In the allopathic community, it is believed that, no matter what causes less than normal health, the care provider needs to do something to return your body to normal health. This is why medicines are prescribed, why surgeries may be done and or other physical treatments.


One of the disadvantages of allopathic care is that the patient may feel no need to take responsibility because they believe that, “the doctor is going to make me better.”


Chiropractic and nearly all other forms of health care are considered holistic. The premise of holistic health care is that, no matter what causes less than normal health, the body will always attempt to heal itself. Of course, there are certain genetic disorders that prevent this normal type of healing, and there are situations that inhibit or interfere with this process.


It is our job as holistic health care providers to know when the healing process has been impeded and to help remove the interference. Or, if the patient has been unhealthy for a long period of time, the best treatment is to just give a “push” in the right direction and allow the body to heal on its own.


Holistic health care works much better when the patient is involved and recognizes their responsibility in creating a proper outcome – by living a healthy lifestyle, getting sufficient sleep, exercise and a sensible diet. We believe that this is much more empowering and therefore, is psychologically healthier as well.